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5 Essential Marketing

"Must Have's" 

You never know what someone’s first impression of your business is going to be and because of that, you want to ensure that you always have your best foot forward. By taking the time to proactively plan your marketing, you position yourself to be professionally strategic to opportunities instead of reactive to situations.

Below are the 5 items that you "must have" in order to create a solid marketing base and begin implementing the strategic marketing practices needed to increase your business. 

1. website

While this seems pretty basic, due to the recent pandemic, this is really forcing people to do a lot of online searching prior to any in-person meetings or purchases. ​Start with the basics to make sure that your clients are able to get basic information and contact you: 

• Is your website user-friendly? 

• Is your website mobile compatible? Did you know Google will penalize your website if it is not? 

• Is the information on your website up to date?

• Is your SEO completely optimized? 

2. social media presence

Social media is key. In a lot of cases now, again due to the pandemic, this is how consumers are staying up to date with their favorite businesses. Most people check a social media channel for information prior to going to the actual website first.

Now before you get overwhelmed with all the different options that comes with social media,  you do not need to be on every social media platform. Depending on your industry, there are some channels that are worth your time and effort more than others. 

• Stay up to date with the latest trends & algorithm updates for your channels

• Create relevant and consistent content

• Engage with your followers! 

• Don't be afraid to try fun content that is a little outside your box! 

3. active on Google

• Do you know how people are finding you?

• Do you have Google Analytics tied to your site? 

• Is your Google My Business up to date?

• Did you know that these factors can impact your website and SEO?

Google is key to making sure that people find you. So ensuring that your information is accurate and up to date is crucial to your information showing up at the top of Google searches. 

4. human touch

This is typically the piece that people hate the most, because it requires putting themselves out there, but this is arguably one of the most important. What are you doing to remind people that you are human, you are here for them, and that they can trust you with their business? 

This includes community outreach, social media posts, personal touch points, scheduled check-ins, etc. Do one thing each week to put your face out there to connect with your followers - who, by the way, are potential future clients and customers. 

5. strategic marketing outreach

Marketing is not a crock pot. You cannot just fix it and forget it. You are going to get out of marketing what you put in. And this is where the strategic aspect of marketing comes in to play. 

This is where you take all the pieces above and connect them to drip-emails, print material, digital ads, mailers, personal touches and social media marketing to create a cohesive campaign that not only brands you, but engages clients and increases leads. 

So while this list can seem slightly overwhelming, when created and implemented together in a strategic marketing campaign, the results are incredibly beneficial. And the best part of marketing is that while some of these steps may seem cookie-cutter, the customizable aspects are unlimited making it completely unique to you and your business! 

Let's get Started!

Looking for where to begin with marketing? Start here! 

Click the LEARN MORE button to email me and let's create a customized marketing strategy designed to meet your goals. 

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