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Chicken Carbonara Recipe

So on my deployment bucket list, I wanted to try one new recipe every week that Dominic is gone, so this week, I invited over my family to my place (one of my favorite parts of having an apartment!) and I tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest. With the tough critics at my table, it earned an 8 out of 10 and we all had clean plates! Check out the recipe below, with my added tips and additions - Enjoy!

Chicken Carbonara Recipe

Serves: 4


5 strips bacon cooked and diced.

2 Chicken breasts -Grilled, Chicken striped up

Salt & Pepper to taste

2 T Butter

3 cloves Garlic Fresh minced

¾ Cup milk

¼ Cup Heavy cream

1 cup Chicken broth

3 T flour

¾ Cup Parmesan shavings

2 T parsley

1 small box bowtie pasta


1. Cook 5 strips of bacon and set aside.

2. Cook 2 chicken breasts in 2 Tablespoons butter with Salt and Pepper to taste. Once the chicken is cooked, set aside while you work on the sauce.

Ashley Tip: Technically this if from my dad - Slice the chicken breasts in half to cook quicker and to ensure that the chicken cooks all the way through.

3. Cook up your Bowtie noodles so they will be ready when the sauce is ready.

Ashley Tip: After you drain the water, if you rinse the pasta with cold water (not for long) the pasta will stop cooking and can hang out while you finish cooking the sauce.


1. Saute 3 cloves garlic freshly minced.

2. Add milk, heavy cream, chicken broth and flour to the pan with the garlic and whisk until smooth.

Ashley Tip: Add the flour in 1 tablespoon at a time and stir in completely before adding the next tablespoon. This will keep the flour from clumping together and you having to restart the sauce - not that I am speaking from experience.

3. Cook on low heat until it thickens.

4. Add in Parmesan shavings. If the sauce gets too thick, add in a little more chicken broth.

5. Add the drained bowtie pasta to the sauce and toss to cover the noodles completely.

6. Dash in the parsley and add more salt and pepper to taste preference.

7. Cut up the chicken breasts, dice up the bacon and add to the sauce. Toss until all is covered in the sauce.

8. Serve hot

Ashley Tip: The pasta was delicious, but I also added some red pepper flakes to give it a little more flavor and spice!

Original Pinterest Link:

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