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Sour Cream Enchiladas & Margaritas

​No where on this blog did I ever say that I was going to be cooking healthy meals, so here is another delicious meal that will give you a reason to get up and go to the gym tomorrow!

This is actually the first time it has been written down & is hands-down my favorite childhood meal ... ever. Side note: The margaritas were not a part of this meal when I was younger (at least for me), but they sure make them even yummier!

I served these enchiladas with my homemade roasted green tomatillo avocado salsa too (See recipe here!).



• 24 corn shells (this is equal to 4 layers of shells in my dish - you can add more/less shells depending on the size of your group)

• Vegetable Oil (for the shells)

• 2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup

• 1 jar of Pace Salsa - regular size (not jumbo family size)

• 1 16oz container of Sour Cream

• 2 cans of diced green chilies (you can also use jalapeños if you really want to make your family sweat)

• 3 cups of cheese - you can always add more & I use the Kraft Mexican Cheese blend

• 3 cooked chicken breasts

• Cilantro (not required but it makes it look prettier and taste yummy!)


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

2. Grill or cook the chicken breasts ... or completely cheat if you are pressed for time and pick it up from Baja Fresh. Cut up chicken into bite size pieces.

3. Heat up vegetable oil in a pan on the stove and get it hot enough to fry your corn shells. You don't want to leave them in too long or they will get hard and you will have a hard taco shells - Only 3 or 4 seconds each. Repeat for all the shells and try to press out some of the extra oil. * Each layer of my enchiladas takes 6 shells so that is why I cook 24 total

4. Combine the cream of chicken soup, sour cream, Pace salsa and diced green chilies in a bowl & stir.

5. Layer time! Start by spreading a thin layer of sauce along the bottom of the pyrex dish, layer your shells and add chicken, a little sauce and cheese on top. And repeat! Once you get to the top layer, add more sauce & lots of cheese. This is also where you can be super fancy and add cilantro on top.

6. Cook your enchiladas for 40 minutes & enjoy!

I served it with chips, salsa and beans ... and of course margaritas!



• 1 liter of Sprite

• Tequila (the more you add - the bigger the party)

• Ice

• 2 cans of frozen strawberry juice


• Blend all the ingredients in a blender & enjoy!

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